I love cooking blogs because I have an eclectic taste in food. One day I want Italian, the next I want Japanese, and the next day I want African cuisine. With food blogs I can browse through thousands of recipes without taking up precious shelf space on my bookshelves. Almost anyone who reads cooking blogs will know the most popular cooking blogs, but I want to showcase some new cooking blogs that you are not reading but should check out. These bloggers provide interesting and unique content that is worth checking out.

  1. Zesty South Indian Kitchen: This is my favorite cooking blog. The cuisine on this blog is mainly Indian and Thai with some delicious bread recipes added to the mix. I have personally made the plantain chips and theThai banana roti from this blog. Both recipes were excellent.
  2. One Girl in the Kitchen: I love the unique dishes that I find on this cooking blog like ayva dolmasi also known as lamb stuffed quinces or Chinese tea eggs. The blogger does an amazing job of photographing these unique dishes. I want to reach into every photo and take a bite out of everything I see in the photo.
  3. Russian Bites: Russia is not known around the world as a culinary powerhouse, but they sure do crank out some tasty treats as the blogger, Elina, show us. The blogger Elina is from Moldova, and she describes Russian food as her comfort food. I am anxiously waiting for sour cherries to come into season here so I can try her gorka or little hill cake.
  4. Food, Football and a Baby: This cooking blog is written by a woman born in Mangalore, India who has recently relocated to Canada. She shares recipes from her home in India as well as cuisines that she routinely dabbles into in her new home. I really want to try her egg masala with a piece of naan bread; it looks scrumptious.
  5. The Curvy Carrot: This is an excellent cooking blog that features healthy and not so healthy recipes with beautiful photography from a physician and future dermatologist. The blogger not only shares photos of her food but of her family too giving the blog a really fun personal touch. I can’t wait to try her cherry-rum biscotti next winter.

The above cooking blogs will keep you busy in your kitchen for a long time. With these cooking blogs you will find everything from exotic Indian food to down home comfort food.

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