Many meat-eaters do not believe vegetarian cuisine can be just as delicious and tasty as meat-based dishes. The truth is, vegetarian cooking can be just as, if not more, delicious with just a few easy additions and considerations.

Use fresh and dried herbs and spices. These can be added to virtually any dish. In salads, try some fresh dill mixed in with your other greens or in with your dressing. Parsley can be added to virtually any savory dish. Try incorporating various curries and spices when you are cooking rice or tofu.

Mix flavors–combine sweet, savory, sour and spicy as often as you can. Add fresh fruit to your mixed green salads. Add pineapple to a curry dish, or spice up a soup with dried red peppers or pepper flakes. Add sweetness with honey and agave nectar. The more complex your flavor, the more delicious your vegetarian dish.

Make use of condiments. Sriracha does wonders on all foods if you are a fan of spicy. Try different chili and hot sauces. Use pesto as a spread or put a spoonful of it into your sauteed veggies for delicious depth of flavor. Visit ethnic food stores and try their condiments and ready-made pastes for a new flavor adventure.

Eat fresh. Fresh produce is essential to delicious vegetarian cooking. Buy what is in season for the best prices, and to stretch your produce, add cooked brown rice or another grain like quinoa or barley into your sauteed veggies for added fiber, nutrition and savings. Grains will also make your vegetarian meal more filling and satisfying.

Try faux-meats, usually made from soy proteins. These will add a unique texture and flavor to your dishes and can be used virtually anywhere meat would usually be used. This makes transforming meat-containing recipes into vegetarian recipes extremely easily.

Often times, tofu is a cheaper soy protein than fake meats. Learn to love tofu–it is infinitely versatile. If you find the flavor bland, try marinating it in your favorite sauce. For an Asian-inspired twist, try marinating it in soy sauce with fresh ginger and green onion. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and bake or sautee for a delicious main course.

Other wonderful vegetarian proteins include beans and eggs. For a delicious savory breakfast, try sauteed kale with mushroom and eggs sprinkled with cheese on whole grain toast. Top with fresh cilantro and cracked pepper, with sriracha or a spicy musatrd. You will never miss bacon or sausage meet at breakfast again!

Variety is key. If you constantly experiment with new foods and flavors, vegetarian cooking will always yield delicious and healthy meals.

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