The pressure cooker has been around for a while, yet it is little used. First invented by a French Physician named Denis Papin in 1679, it is used to save time in cooking and use less energy. The invention works like a small steam engine boiler. As water boils it turns to steam and that steam is trapped inside the pressure cooker which in turn raises the water boiling temperature and that translates into a quicker more efficient cooking time.

Saving Energy

Often used during war time and especially used during World War II, the pressure cooker was used to conserve dwindling reserves of fuel. The reason why they conserve energy is you can shave off a little over half and up to two-thirds of the cooking time for most dishes.

Saving Money

Since actual cooking times vary for certain foods, it can be hard to track down actual figures for money saved. But it is possible. Since most meals cooked with a conventional pot or pan cost about three pennies to cook for a family of four, then using a pressure translates into each meal costing less than one cent each! Barely over a quarter each month and three dollars a year!

More Delicious Meals

Because a pressure cooker mimics a really fast cooking crock pot, slower more tender meats can be cooked in half the time, delicious pastas and noodles can be instantly made and carrots and potatoes never tasted better. Fresh foods are easily cooked quickly and that leads to better nutrition as well as fantastic meals. I never used dried beans before until I had a pressure cooker. I’ll never buy canned beans again!

Buying Guide

When your in the market, you should defiantly buy a pressure cooker with lid mounted valves and quick release pressure valve. This comes in handy when you want to let off some steam. No pun intended. Defiantly pick up one with a set of inner racks for different veggie, fruit, meat or other mixed meals. Make sure the rubber seal fits tight around the lid before you buy and you should be good to go!

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