Are you getting tired of cooking the same old dishes? Is you family more anxious to go for take out and do you feel the reason why is because your cooking is, shall we say getting a little boring, run of the mill. You are running out of ideas, you have combed through all of your cook books to the point where they are falling apart. Cooking lessons would be nice, a chance to learn a new cuisine, learn how to and some spice to your culinary life, but you do not have the time to commit to a full time cooking school.

There are some interesting and innovative alternatives in New York City, where you can learn just one new dish, or go for a whole course without committing to a school curriculum. You can learn in small groups or one on one with some of the most highly respected chefs in the New York City area. Imagine the look on your in-law’s faces when you bring out a superbly created French meal the next time they come for dinner. That look alone will make the cost worth while.

Karen Lee


How about taking cooking lessons from one of the top caterers and cook book authors in New York City? This is a great experience and there are different choices of classes and dates, one day classes or a series, lessons for a special event like a wedding for instance. And she ill even come to your home for some really private instruction.

Miette Culinary studio
You have lots of choices for classes here. They have weekend workshops for parents and kids and also for adults, and individual classes taught on different nights of the week They are one session classes and you can attend only one or as many as you want and you will learn a new recipe and techniques at each one. Attend enough of them and you will be able to build your own cookbook.

Shilloh is a personal chef on Long Island and she will come to your home to give you a real personal cooking lesson. After you prepare your meal you and your family or friends get to sit down and give your creation a once over. These make for great special nights, for instance how about treating your bridge club to one special meal before you sit down to play cards.

La Cuisine
At La Cuissine you can learn as little or as much as you want about French Cooking. Start out with the basic course, which consists of twelve four hour classes, either in the morning or the evening. If you find you are developing a real passion for cooking, you can continue on to the more advanced classes.

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