How many people are like me and like to experiment when they cook? Every time my wife makes me cook I try and cook what ever it is a little differently than I did the time before. The thing is, it always tastes good when I’m done, so why not try it. Next time you cook a meal at home try to cook it a little differently than you normally would.

I have cooked chicken breasts so many different ways and man; I’m talking about some of the best chicken I have ever eaten. I had a pan and I filled it up with tomato soup after I heated it up with celery, onions and mushrooms. I cooked the chicken on the stove top until it was nearly done then I laid it on top of the tomato soup in the pan and stuck it back in the oven and the chicken soaked up some of the soup and was tender and tasted awesome.

I have also written so many different recipes down that some day I will try. If you experiment with your cooking you will never get bored of eating the same meal over and over again. You eventually get to where you love cooking. By experimenting when you cook you are setting yourself up for some possibly good food. How do people come up with new recipes? They experiment and discover them by trying new things. Wouldn’t you love to be able to go that family dinner that your family has every year and bring a dish that you have created yourself? It would be awesome if everyone loved it and were like, “who cooked this”? It brings a great feeling to you inside.

I want to give you not really a list but some ideas of things you will need if you were to try and experiment with your cooking. First things first, you will need the food you plan on working with and what ever pots and pans you plan to use. Now what I recommend you do when experimenting is have a pad of paper and a pen or pencil. Write down what you’re using and how you are using it and also how much of it you are using. Pretty much I’m saying you need to write the stuff down so some day down the road you can make that same dish if you want to.

When it is all said and done you will have a dish that you made and that is new and may or may not taste good. If it does taste good then you have a dish that you can claim. Kind of like my grandma who makes a mean chicken and dumplings from scratch. You can now consider yourself to be a good cook. One last suggestion, some times, based on what you use, it’s better not to tell everyone what you used to make the food; if you know what I mean. Set the table and serve your well made dinner, enjoy.

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