Do you always think to protect your eyes when you cook and clean in your home? Likely not. Here are five tips for helping you prevent eye injuries when cooking and cleaning in your home:

Use knives properly. Make sure that you honor all knife procedures when preparing food in your kitchen. For instance, you never want to cut from underneath a food item, aiming for your face as the knife cuts through the product. You could actually bring your hand through the food product too fast and end up puncturing yourself in the eye with the point of the knife. Always, cut downward by placing the food item on a plate or a cutting board.

Grate food aimed away from face. Food bits can easily fly into your eye when grating, so be sure to grate the food item in a deep bowl. This will provide a backboard for the food to adhere to when grating. Also, be sure to turn the bowl to where you grate away from your face, rather than toward it. This will also help prevent food getting into your eye. If you wear glasses, go ahead and wear them for added protection. You can always clean them later.

Use a splatter screen when frying. If you tend to fry a lot of food in your household, be sure and do this in the safest manner possible. Try not to fry at a heat that is hotter than necessary. Too, make sure that you fry in a deep pan to give the frying oil a type of backboard for splattering. Too, always use a splatter screen when frying. All these practices will help you keep the oil from splattering you in your eye.

Dust furniture in the opposite direction. Make sure that you dust the dirt away from your furniture in the opposite direction. You may tend to lean down and wipe the dust toward you, making sure that you’ve removed all the dusting polish from the furniture. This serves as a dangerous habit because you actually move the dust particles toward your eye, rather than away from your eye, which is never good. Dust away from the eye to avoid eye injury.

Spray air freshener in the opposite direction. Air freshener freshens up your home, which is a good thing, but you don’t want to get the chemical product in your eye, right? You might forget that such chemicals as air freshener could actually harm the eye, and you might spray the air freshener right in front of your eye without thinking. Do your best to refrain from this by extending your arm outward as far as you can reach and then spraying the air freshener. Walk the other way after you spray the air freshener and allow the air freshener to dissipate.

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