Real cooking is not merely mixing ingredients from a box. Being creative while in the kitchen involves trying new meals, experimenting in mixing different ingredients, and using what you have to create new meals not found in any cookbook.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. If something doesn’t turn out well, then you don’t have to make it again. You’d be surprised at how many good creations you could come up with when your begin experimenting. Trying new meals and new combinations can add variety and excitement at the dinner table.

Being creative while cooking can be fun and healthy for the whole family. By using the things you have on hand you can save time, money, and develop a sense of appreciation for exploration through the food you share at home. Try the following ideas to get you starting in being creative with your food.

Take A Cooking Class

Many local grocery stores offer low cost cooking classes where you can learn many new meals. They usually publish a monthly class schedule with many different themes for meals and offer one night classes as well as multiple night classes. There are usually entrée, appetizer, and desert classes available and themes such as a date night or classes specifically for kids to share with their parents.

Use The Internet

The Internet is a great resource when searching for new ideas. There are literally thousands of free recipes available from all corners of the world. You can explore different cultures or regions of food and visit a local ethnic store to get your ingredients. Ethnic stores stock many different types of foods and spices that you could also experiment with.

Stocking Your Kitchen

When being creative, you really don’t need to have a kitchen with every cabinet full of spices and other ingredients. There are a few things that you should always have on hand such as pancake mix or flour, a good salt like sea salt, olive and vegetable oil, eggs, milk, some of your favorite cheeses, butter, easy and cheap frozen vegetables, and about 4 of your favorite spices. Using these things in different combinations can create an interesting menu that’s also healthy.

Things To Try

Pancake mix can be used not only for pancakes, but also for waffles, breads, muffins, scones, gravy, or breading for meats. Instead of using oil, you can substitute a healthier apple sauce in its place. If you don’t have a pasta sauce on hand, sauté some onions, melt butter in, add garlic and parsley, melt some cheese in and you have a great homemade pasta sauce.

If you’ve got kids at home, try making crispy chocolate cinnamon waffles: mix a little bit of cocoa cereal, pancake mix, egg white only, milk, apple sauce, and cinnamon together. Top it off with light whipped cream or light syrup and you’ve got a yummy desert or breakfast that’s fast and full vitamins. You can also add extra cinnamon to raise your metabolism as most spices do.

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