Clara Cannuciari shares some affordable and easy-to-make recipes which she calls her ‘Depression-era recipes’. These recipes are cheap and simple and can be made with ingredients that are already in your kitchen. Clara has a YouTube show and cookbook where you can see all the recipes that are available. Here are just some of the examples of her recipes: Pepper and Eggs, Pasta with Peas and Poor Man’s Meal whose recipes I will be sharing with you below.

Pepper and Eggs: This is an all-American-Italian dish which is a favorite from then until now. Clara relates that when she was still studying and would bring this sandwich to school, her classmates would always want to switch sandwiches with her. Here are the steps: 1) Clean out and slice three peppers. 2) Fry the peppers in a pan with oil, adding salt to taste. 3) Lower the heat and simmer the peppers. 4) Beat four pieces of eggs. 5) When the peppers are already soft, add the eggs and cook. 6) Put the eggs and peppers on bread. Now your pepper and eggs sandwich is ready to eat.

Pasta With Peas: 1) Peel and dice an onion and a potato. 2) Fry both in a pot using olive oil. 3) Add a can of peas including the juice. 4) Add just enough warm water to the pot to cook the pasta. 5) Add a cup of a short pasta. 6) Simmer until the pasta is cooked. 7) Add a spoonful or two of tomato sauce if preferred. 8) Sprinkle the dish with grated parmesan cheese. Poor Man’s Meal: 1) Peel and cube potatoes. 2) Add chopped onions. 3) Fry both the onions and potatoes. 4) Cut hot dogs into slices. 5) Add the hotdogs to the fried onions and potatoes. 6) Add two spoonfuls of tomato sauce.

Here is a three-course “Depression-era” meal which can be served for special occasions: Course 1 – Boil a pound of lentils for 30 to 40 minutes. When the lentils are already cooked, add a cup of rice; Course 2 – Put lemon juice and olive juice into a dish. Marinate briefly thin pieces of steak into the mixture. Fry the meat and then add the mixture again; Course 3 – Chop endive and toss with lemon juice and olive oil. Season with pepper and salt. You can use a Bosch mixer for the mentioned recipes which can be bought in a Bosch universal sale in several stores.

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