I have always loved to cook and always find that my desire to cook results from watching the Food Network Channel. The food that some of these chefs create; look so delicious that I can’t help but to try my hand at the same thing to see how mine will turn out. I get my inspiration from many of the TV chefs on the Food Network Channel, but my two favorite chefs are Rachel Ray, from ‘Rachel Ray’s 30 Minute Meals’ and Sandra Lee, from ‘Semi-Homemade’.

Both of these chefs create dishes that not only look easy and delicious to make, but are prepared without a lot of difficult and time consuming techniques. I love to cook dishes that are not only new but will also leave my family wanting more. I am always at awe when my dishes turn out tasting so good, that I add it to my favorite recipes.

The foods that I love to cook range from stove top cooked dishes that has such a nice spicy aroma to simple dishes that showcases a lot of color. I love to bake, but a lot of the baking I do involves something sweet, such as cookies, cakes or pies. Lately, I have found a lot of Crock Pot dishes that resembles the same dish that I prepare on the stove, but with the convenience of letting the crock pot do all the work while I am away at work. These crock pot recipes turn out perfect every time and are so simple that it requires almost no effort at all. My favorite crock pot recipe would have to be the pork chops and kraut. Trim the fat off of 4 to 6 pork chops and pour a can of sauerkraut over the chops and let them cook on low for approximately 4 hours. The pork chops end up being so tender that a knife is not needed.

When I see a recipe that involves a multitude of spices mixed with onions, garlic and is full of wonderful color, that’s where I am inspired to begin cooking the same recipe but maybe adding my own little twist to it. I may take a recipe that may be loaded with fat and calories and substitute those ingredients with a lower fat and lower calorie item. Instead of ground beef, I may use ground turkey. If a recipe calls for vegetable oil, I will substitute canola oil and for a recipe calling for 2 eggs, I will use one whole egg and an egg white, depending on what type of recipe it is.

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