Cooking wasn’t always one of my best qualities, over time I’ve just come to realize several thing’s that have helped me out. I grew up in a family that was always found in the kitchen, my Mother is a wonderful cook, my Father is an actual Chef, I’ve had several different influences through out my life that has always changed my opinion of food, but in the end I love food, and this is why I am a deviant in the kitchen. A couple things that have helped me out with learning, and shaping my cooking abilities are,

1.Its not the end of the world if you mess up,
2.You will mess up,
3.You will learn from your mistakes in the kitchen,
4.In the end it will make you a better cook!

If you’re in the process of learning how to cook stick with it, if you do, in the end you will feel very accomplished. Its one thing feeding yourself, but if you can treat your other half, or even a meal for your children it will be well worth it in the end, and they will very much appreciate it!

For starter cooks, your best bet is to stick to the recipe at first, if you feel the need to take out an ingredient, add one, or even change the amount you can do so later, but for your first (couple) time(s) it will upset you to mess up, may even stop you from getting back in the kitchen, or at least trying. Start with easier recipes, if you start with something hard that you do not understand the terms, you will be in the dictionary the whole time, which will just make you feel stupid, and your not!

Try new things, if you stay with the same recipe, you might start getting tired of it and in the end, you could give up. If you mess up with one recipe, put it aside and the next time you cook try something new, maybe after several times in the kitchen you can go back to your first. Keep it simple, one recipe at a time, any more and you are bound to get confusion, possible frustration.

You can do this, and if you keep your mind to it, you will succeed! There are several ways you can come up with new and interesting recipes, starting with cookbooks, moving on to the internet, and last but certainly not least the television, such as food network. There is also fun cooking classes you can join that will not only teach you, or help you to learn cooking, but you can meet local friends and try recipes out on each other. Keep your mind fresh, and have fun in the kitchen, or it will be a chore. As much as cooking is an essential in the home, it should be fun for you! I wish you all the luck in the world with your new adventure, have fun!

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