How many times do we enter before we say enough? Enough is never enough when it comes to the cooking contest craze. This is when we must ask ourselves is this a Hobby or Obsession.

The competitive spirit makes us enter over and over each year hoping to become a finalist but we never do. Did our entries get lost or did the judging panel overlook our entry?

Cooking is a hobby and I am passionate about my cooking. My family and friends have told me that I should open a restaurant. This would be an option if I ever won a big purse in one of the many High Dollar Cooking Contest.

I sent an e-mail to General Mills in my quest for an answer to the following question. How many times do most contestants enter “The Pillsbury Bake-Off before becoming a finalist? They replied with a cute disclaimer, basically would not share that information.

How many cooking and bake-off contest do you guys enter on a regular basis? Do you enter based on the prize or just because you love to cook? Cooking has become big business and we all want a piece of the action.

I have been entering the Pillsbury Bake-Off since 1998 and still have not made the finals. I came close to victory in Florida’s Natural Contest but placed first winning $1,000. The winner was a regular in the contest circuit and said that she had never made the Pillsbury Finals. So all you cooking contest hopefuls reply back and let me know how many times you’ve entered, have you made the finals, if not what motivates you to keep entering.

Until then let’s give some thought to what we’ll do with all those RECIPE entries that never get selected in our search of FAME and FORTUNE in the Cooking Contest CRAZE! HOBBY or OBSESSION – You be the Judge!

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