Fishing may be fun but when the caught fish gets spoiled, the effort of fishing is gone. It is more satisfying going home and eat the fresh caught. Proper handling is the best factor to maintain the quality of the fish. How are you going to maintain the freshness, depends on your hand.

Freshwater or saltwater fish must be handled with care to maintain its freshness. You can avoid spoilage and maintain the fish’s delicate flavor. You can maintain the quality of the fresh catch fish following the tips that I will give to you.

Fish handling tips:

  1. Before touching the fish, make sure the hands are clean.
  2. Once you catch the fish, avoid bruising it and wash it right away to get rid of the bacteria that can cause spoilage, you can use a hose or a bucket full of potable water.
  3. Chill it right away in no more than half an hour, use 3″ deep chillers to allow covering of fish with ice.
  4. For your final cleaning, use chlorinated water for every quart of water.
  5. Clean the fish well, make sure scales are removed since it contains bacteria. Never wound the flesh to prevent bacteria to spread.
  6. Do not make it too long to gut a fish, cut it on its belly.
  7. After fish is cleaned, do not soak it on freshwater for too long since this can affect the meat and the flavor.

Fish cooking tips:

  1. Cook fish using your own cooking technique, choose your favorite cooking recipe.
  2. When fish is frozen, allow it to soften.
  3. Plan your cooking, wait 24 hours until it is thawed before cooking the fish to keep fish become mushy and dry.
  4. Thaw it inside the fridge or you wrap the fish and let it run in cold water, do not use room temperature when thawing.
  5. There is always duration when cooking to allow heat to penetrate, 10 minutes for fresh fish measured per inch, 15 minutes cooking fish in enclosed foil or sauce baked, and 20 minutes for frozen fish.

If fish are properly cleaned and cooked, it can last up for 5 days. The quality and nutritional value of the fish will last longer; you just have to handle it with care.

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