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Success with Vegetarian Cooking

Our Meatless-Eating Adventure My husband and I have no religious or philosophical beliefs about eating meat. We like meat, actually. However, in our quest for better health, we have realized that less meat is better, especially when the only meat we can afford is the kind that is not likely…

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Professional Cooking – is it for You?

Many people enjoy lucrative careers all over the world in the professional cooking industry. There are many avenues one can go if they take the right classes and learn the art of professional cooking. This article will look at some of the advantages to pursuing professional cooking as a career….

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Cooking Drunken Bratwurst

Whether Camping or Trying to Avoid Missing a Tip-off in March Madness, This Recipe is for You There’s little that compares to a night out under the stars. Whether you’re on a week-long adventure in Yellowstone or a weekend at a nearby National Forest, it’s quality time together and the…

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Outdoor Cooking for Kids

Summers are always fun. And this summer, it became more meaningful as YMCA/JCC Wolf Creek held a Summer Culinary Camp. The week-long activity is spearheaded by Diana Jacobson, a family program director. She was supported by her highly-skilled staff. Jacobson also shared that the day camp tackled the aspect of…

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