What Role Does Sugar Play in Your Cooking?

Sugar increases cholesterol. But, sugar can be used in a restricted manner without affecting the taste of the food. How to prepare food using less sugar without affecting the taste is discussed in this article. Sweet is very difficult to resist. But, bitterness in sweet is that it increases cholesterol…

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Tips for Cooking with Soy Milk

8 Easy Tips for Delicious Dishes The most important difference between soymilk and cow’s milk is variety! There are many soymilk manufacturers and their products taste quite different from one another. Try a few brands before choosing your favorite. I find that the tastiest soymilk includes whole soybeans, rather than…

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Learn, Smart

Camping Cooking Made Easy

Good Eats in the Woods Finally warm weather is here and it is time to break out the tent and have some fun with family and friends. Looking forward to the camping weekend but not hot dogs on a stick for three days straight? Don’t get me wrong I like…

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