Kaye Johnson


Cooking Inspiration

I have always loved to cook and always find that my desire to cook results from watching the Food Network Channel. The food that some of these chefs create; look so delicious that I can’t help but to try my hand at the same thing to see how mine will…

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Learn, Offbeat, Smart

Cool Cooking Websites

There are quite a few online cooking websites, actually more than quite a few. There’s probably billions! Of course with anything else there is the best and the worst, and the in betweens. These however are some of my top choices! Some of these sites offer memberships, newsletters, wine recommendations…

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Spice Up Vegetarian Cooking

Many meat-eaters do not believe vegetarian cuisine can be just as delicious and tasty as meat-based dishes. The truth is, vegetarian cooking can be just as, if not more, delicious with just a few easy additions and considerations. Use fresh and dried herbs and spices. These can be added to…

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Tips from Cooking Shows

Cooking shows can be inspiring, informative and entertaining. People watch cooking shows to learn about new kinds of foods and recipes, but I watch them for a different reason altogether. While sharing their amazing recipes and knowledge on various kinds of foods, the food experts also share some of their…

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