Holidays won’t be as much exciting when favorite family recipes are not prepared. On the other hand, it can be a burden to the household budget since food prices are increasing nowadays. This problem can be solved when you plan ahead of time, make your recipe simpler and add bulking ingredients instead. You can provide a great holiday feast to your family without breaking the budget.

  1. Before anything else, start planning your top menus for the holiday. An early start means you don’t have to purchase everything in just one shopping. You can adjust anything- it will be an enjoyable thing to do since stress is reduced because you planned everything ahead of time.
  2. Choose dishes that are important – family favorites and fine holiday dishes. Take note of every ingredient in the recipe. Select recipes wherein flavor is not compromised when some ingredients are altered. Let’s say you have a recipe that needs sour cream and another that needs mayonnaise – you can use mayo or even plain yogurt for both recipes.
  3. Take a look at all the recipes and determine common ingredients. Perhaps numerous recipes require the use of flour: all you need to do is calculate how much you need to avoid buying so much or buying less than the amount needed. Check if there are some store coupons available for these ingredients or you can buy them at warehouse or bulk food stores.
  4. Make use of the web – search for online coupons. Some online stores offer printable coupons. Don’t settle for a brand when you can purchase similar product at lower price.
  5. Make your recipes simple. You can make desserts and delicious holiday meals without adding extra toppings, food coloring and other things. As long as it tastes good, your family and guests will be delighted. In this manner, you no longer have to strain your budget to make a fine holiday feast.

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