Rid Your Refrigerator of Leftovers

Why is it so hard to cook for two people? I can understand couples who are now on their own because their children have recently moved out, but even I’ve had trouble cooking for just me and my boyfriend and it’s always just been the two of us. I know we’re not the only couple who have experienced this, so I hope this article is of help to other couples who constantly cook way too much food for two people.

Tips for Cooking for Two #1: Cut Recipes in Half

Unfortunately, most recipes are written to serve 4 or more people. Why do cookbook authors forget about small families so often? Regardless of why so many recipes are written for more than two people there is something you can do. Simply cut the recipe in half. You will still be able to enjoy a wonderful meal for two, even though it was originally meant for four.

Tips for Cooking for Two #2: Make Big Meals and Freeze Leftovers

If the recipe isn’t easy to cut down to two portions (and sometimes its not) make the full recipe and freeze the leftovers. There is an advantage to these leftovers. In fact, with a product like a Food Saver you can make your own TV dinners. These TV dinners will come in very handy when you don’t feel like cooking. Either freeze two portions together or freeze them separately for those nights when the two of you aren’t able to sit down and eat dinner together.

Tips for Cooking for Two #3: Use up Leftovers in a Creative Way

If you don’t like the thoughts of freezing leftovers, then why not use them in a creative way? No one said you had to have the same meal the next day. For example, if you had grilled smoked sausages for supper the night before take the leftovers and add it to some pork and beans with a little mustard, ketchup, and onion and bake. Add a nice pan of cornbread and you’ve got a completely different meal, with very little cooking involved.

Tips for Cooking for Two #4: Freeze Meat in Two Portions

Buying meat when it’s on sale just makes sense. If the sale is really good, I will buy several pounds. Of course this means that I will need to freeze the meat that I won’t be using within the next few days. When I freeze the meat, I freeze it in two portions. This means that the meat you thaw will be eaten and will not go to waste.

Tips for Cooking for Two #5: Buy Smaller Quantities

I know it’s cheaper to buy large quantities of foods. But, you have to consider whether or not you will use that entire item before it goes bad. With just two people in the house, you may find yourself constantly throwing food out, which is a waste of money. Make sure you will use the entire item before purchasing it or at least make sure you can freeze part of it for later.

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