Father’s Day is just a few weeks away, so it is time to get together the perfect gift for your favorite home cook and grilling fan. The more specific to your father’s lifestyle and interests, the better the gift. So if cooking is his favorite thing to do, or if he loves trying out new ways to use the grill, check out these gift ideas.

Meat Thermometer: Brookstone.com offers a few options for these handy gadgets. For $29.95 you can get the Always Perfect Chef’s Fork Digital Meat Thermometer. They also offer a Grill Alert Talking Remote Meat Thermometer for $69.95. This is really great since it has a wireless remote. You can literally toss the meat on the grill and walk away and mingle with your guests. The voice prompt alerts you when your food is almost done and completely done!

Personalized Grill Grate: This gift is on the pricier side, but if your dad is a diehard sports fan, tailgater, or would appreciate your last name displayed across your grill, this is a good, unique gift. Prices start at $134.99, depending on the size of the grill. You can get his favorite college team or even create your own grill grate.

BBQ gift basket: Target offers an already made basket for $37.99, but you could really personalize your basket by making it yourself. The Target basket includes BBQ sauce, chips, party snacks, and a couple of spice rubs, along with a basting brush. You can create your own to include an apron, grilling utensils, sauces and marinades.

BBQ sauce, hot sauce, beer, wine, or salsa of the month club: Depending on your dads favorites things, whether it be cooking or grilling, find the perfect club so he can get a variety of selections mailed to him monthly.

Steak or Seafood Delivery: Surprise your dad with his favorite cuts of meat or seafood delivered right to his door. The fresh Lobster Company website features everything you could possibly want delivered as soon as you need. They can send New England lobsters, gourmet steaks, and even sushi grade fish. They also wrap it up for you with a gift card, confetti and tissue paper, lobster bibs, and wet naps, along with a cooking manual!

Cooking classes/Personal Chef: Many local adult education centers in your area offer cooking and wine courses. If your dad seems interested in finding out more about a certain type of food, this is the perfect hands on gift. You could go with him for a series of classes, or just do a one night class, and provide him with a gift card for it. Or you could have a chef come for the night and give him a rest from his cooking.

Cookbooks: Every home cook loves to try out new recipes. Whether your father is a fan of a celebrity chef or is just starting out and would like a beginners basic cooking guide, you could pick something out or get a gift card to your local book store.

Restaurant Gift Card: If you dad has a favorite local restaurant he goes every week, or if you have heard him mention a place he wants to try, you can not go wrong with a restaurant gift card. If you do not know any local options, opt for the Open Table gift card, so he can use the card at any restaurant, anywhere, plus be able to read up on the restaurant online and make reservations.

Netflix Membership: You can get just about anything from Netflix delivered to your dads home. If your dad is a Top Chef fan but missed one of the seasons, he can rent it here. If he is a fan of the history of cooking, they offer informative DVD’s. Then he can also switch it up and get any movies he had missed seeing at the movie theaters as well.

Kitchen Store Gift Card: If you are not sure what your father wants or needs in the kitchen, this online store offers gift cards. They do also offer a Gadget of the Month Club for $139.99.Every month for a year they send a new cooking tool. This website also features just about everything you can think of from BBQ tools, cutlery, electronics, and spices, to specialty foods, so you can really put together a great gift.

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